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"Our lives do not need to be seen as riddled with mystery and esoteric concepts. Rather, life should be experienced simply as it flows naturally towards resolution. It is we, as participants, who create disruption through our expectations and through pre-conceived notions of what life should be. In so doing, we often miss the most satisfying moments of our lives." - M.L. Cerpok

As an author, lecturer, and martial arts expert, the teachings of Michael Cerpok Sensei have acted as a catalyst for growth in the lives of thousands of people around the world. With nearly forty years of practice in the Zazen discipline and the Martial Arts, his unique insights to living simply in the moment are guaranteed to leave you smiling!

Mobile Monk Wellness is based in Fountain Hills, Arizona and programs are made possible through donations to Personal Development Center, Inc. an Arizona 501c3 non-profit entity. The Personal Development Center was founded in 2008 by Michael Cerpok Sensei and Monica Rosen Sensei in order to preserve the teachings and methods of the ChiDoKai Dojo (est. 1989). All donations are tax deductible.

Services include: Zazen Meditation, Kokyuu No Kata (moving meditation), Self Defense, Wedding Officiation, and Philosophy Discussion.

We have recently added videos and the new podcast, "Simply Saying" to our website.


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